About the HCLA

The Health Coalition on Liability and Access (HCLA) is a national advocacy coalition working to enact medical liability reform at the federal level to help reduce health care costs for all Americans and to ensure patient access to quality medical care.

Founded in 1993, the HCLA is a key resource for Members of Congress and their staffs, state and federal government agencies, health care policy experts, the media, and the public. In addition to analyzing legislative policy initiatives, testifying before the US Congress, sponsoring congressional staff briefings, conducting public opinion polling and candidate surveys, the HCLA sponsors Protect Patients Now (PPN), a grassroots advocacy organization comprised of physicians, patients and concerned citizens dedicated to reforming our nation’s broken liability system.

The HCLA, along with its grassroots network, Protect Patients Now, has committed to curing the problem, working tirelessly with elected officials on both sides of the aisle in support of comprehensive medical liability reform at the federal level. We are dedicated to reforming our medical liability system to increase patient safety, ensure that injured patients are compensated quickly and fairly, improve provider-patient communications, and ensure affordable and accessible medical liability insurance.

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